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Did Cristiano Ronaldo Deserve To Be World Player Of The Year 2014?

FIFA’s honor of the Ballon d’Or 2014 (World Player of the Year) to Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrates that the award is more about governmental issues and individual fame than about execution on the field.

Despite the fact that players from a few identities are selected and win the honor, they in every case all play for European clubs while those dynamic in different groups, for example, in South America and Mexico are by and large neglected. The best player is picked by players and administrators dependent on preference instead of legitimacy which regularly makes disgraceful victors. In this way the honor has lost its acknowledgment and become the object of delight and disparagement.

The Ballon d’Or was set up by a magazine called France Football in 1956 to perceive the set of experiences producers of the game. In any case, that isn’t what it has ended up being.


Between January 1 and December 31, 2014 in this rivalry Lionel Messi scored 35 objectives in 36 matches (11 with the correct foot, 23 with the left and the other with the head) while Cristiano Ronaldo scored 38 yet with less adaptability as just 4 were with his head and ominous left foot.

Moreover Messi made 97 possibilities, 24 more than some other player and finished 164 spills, 63 more than the closest opponent Iker Muniain of Atletico Bilbao (MAILOnline – Why Lionel Messi should win Ballon d’Or following a record-breaking year with Barcelona; by Kieran Gill, January 12, 2015).


Messi vanquished the mainland on November 25 when he turned into the record-breaking top objective scorer in the Champions League in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was his 23rd European city, his sixteenth European country and recorded the 24th distinctive arena wherein he had scored (MAILOnline and so on)


At soccer’s most significant contest Messi drove Argentina to the last, was casted a ballot Man of the Match in 4 games (the a large portion of any major part in the rivalry) and won the Golden Boot as the best player of the competition.

He for the most part affected the rivalry. คาสิโนออนไลน์ His objectives were all game dominating objectives which impelled Argentina to the last. He was the third joint most significant standard scorer with 4 objectives and 1 help, made the most possibilities, had the best spilling runs, made the most conveyances into the case and delivered the most through bundles of any player.

Interestingly, Ronaldo was a non-factor and just scored a late objective against minnow Ghana and had a help against the USA.


Messi’s exhibition in 2014 was what is the issue here, in particular, history-production exhibitions. On March 16, he turned into Barcelona’s unsurpassed top objective scorer (371). Multi week later he turned into the El Clasico (matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona) top objective scorer (21) with a full go-around.

He scored his 400th profession objective on September 27 against Granada and outperformed a 59-year-old record to become La Liga’s record-breaking top objective scorer (253) on November 22. After three days he surpassed Raul by scoring a full go-around to turn into the top objective scorer throughout the entire existence of the Champions League (74).

Given every one of these accomplishments one would imagine that of the three candidates Messi was the most having the right to win the honor. Rather he lost to Ronaldo as well as he and the other candidate Manuel Neuer got less votes consolidated (31.48 %) than Ronaldo (37.66%).

In 2013 Ronaldo won nothing and Franck Ribery won everything except for in any case Ronaldo beat him.

How could this be clarified?

Legislative issues BEHIND THE VOTING

FIFA’s standards call for public directors, chiefs and media authorities to decide in favor of the most extraordinary entertainer of the past a year.

Not suddenly players vote in favor of their colleagues and countrymen. In the 2014 challenge for instance, Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany) gave every one of the three spots to Germans, Manuel Neuer, Phillip Lahm and Thomas Muller.

Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid) decided in favor of his previous partners Diego Costa and Thibaut Courtois.

Vincent Kompany (Belgium) decided in favor of partners Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard as the world’s two best players with Arjen Robben third.

The best illustration of the legislative issues in the entirety of this is shown by Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) who proclaimed without giving an explanation that he lamented deciding in favor of Ronaldo rather than his partner Neuer. This ‘shift in perspective’ must be clarified as coming from a player who needs to hide any hint of failure with colleagues in the changing area as opposed to from a citizen with any genuine conviction.

A similar analysis applies to chiefs who just decision in favor of public players. For instance, Argentina’s chief Gerardo Martino gave each of the three spots to his individual kinsmen in particular, Lionel Messi, Angel di Maria and Javier Mascherano, Belgium mentor Marc Wilmots decided in favor of Belgian Thibaut Courtous for third spot, Didier Deschamps (France) gave the last spot to French striker Benzema and Holland’s Guus Hiddink gave top honor to countryman Arjen Robben.

Players will get a great deal of votes in the event that they are well known ‘with the young men’s and can play to the cameras to promote business items. The individuals who guard the decision of Ronaldo as best player highlight the way that in the second 50% of 2014 he scored 32 objectives. The issue is that 9 of those objectives were punishments so his non-punishment objectives were 23, a similar sum as Messi who had no punishments. Ronaldo is nicknamed “Penaldo” on account of his dominance of drawing and scoring punishments.

In a World Cup year, for example, 2014 your presentation in that competition is the thing that characterizes you. On the world’s greatest stage Ronaldo was a nonfactor and his allies pardon this by saying he was conveying a physical issue. In the event that that is genuine that is terrible however injury is a hardship, not an advantage and he must be decided on real execution and not on theory concerning what he may have accomplished had he been completely fit.

The Player of the Year grant has lost its realness. In any case, it doesn’t need to be so. It’s anything but a character or school prom challenge. It should perceive execution on the field. Possibly the authorities of FIFA should themselves become the adjudicators, give more thought to non-European clubs and use models like accomplishments and reasonable play to pick the champ. This would not be an ideal framework yet would be desirable over the current one which is profoundly imperfect and can’t be viewed appropriately.

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