Consider Train Horns As an Upgrade to Your Car Or Truck  

Consider Train Horns As an Upgrade to Your Car Or Truck  

Vehicle upgrades have become the thing to do for the past couple of decades in an attempt to make vehicle look more sleek and to make them more “you”. One upgrade that is easy and affordable to do is simply tinting your windows. A little tint goes a long ways. Others like to buy custom wheels, and adding a lift or making your car or truck a    low rider. Another option is a spoiler or some new decals. But my question, is why not add a train horn to your car or truck? With air horns still on down low you can stay ahead of the trends. The concept of these kits is so new in fact, that there are very few places to buy them online.

However, with this new fad you also get new problems. When someone buys a train horn they are trying to improve the look and performance of their vehicle. Almost never does someone buy a train horn for a practical use. You’ll see a lot of retailers online exaggerating the dB levels that these kits can put out. Most units that you will find can only reach up to 150 db, while retailers are claiming they’ll put out over 170 dB. This can bring a lot of frustration and performance disappointment when this dishonesty is the selling point to an excited customer. Before actually purchasing your train horn, be sure to do a little research to make sure that what the retailers are claiming is even possible.

Keeping the first problem in mind, 150 dB is a lot! These air horns are extremely loud. People using their horns at inappropriate times seem to find themselves in a bit of trouble. If and when you do choose to add a kit to your car or truck be sure to only use it in appropriate times and places. Although it may seem fun, when these air horns are used


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