10 Real Good Reasons to Opt Out of the Credit Card Blues This Christmas

We all want to have a spiritual, meaningful and fun Xmas with our family and friends but the culture of buying massive gifts has stolen the Xmas spirit for many of us. Are you one of the people who already have little peace of mind at Xmas knowing that a major credit card bill will hit as a nasty hangover straight after New Year’s Eve? For most families this year of financial turmoil was stressful enough, but the upcoming holiday season will present another real test for many people. Although many people already feel that they should 성인용품쇼핑몰  give up on their spendaholic ways and finally nip Xmas Consumerism in the butt, for both financial and environmental reasons, it might feel hard to break that gift buying habit.

However, everybody can easily opt out of the Xmas present craziness that is strangling people financially, results in millions of unloved Xmas presents and trashes our planet, if you just learn how to.  Did you know, that according to Time magazine, the average British woman spends, besides a small fortune, 255 hours on Xmas shopping, only to find 1/3 of presents sold onto eBay later?

If you are interested in spending a (financially) stress-free Holiday season by making your own unique eco-friendly presents that show the recipient that you care about them and the environment, then keep reading. While there are many reasons and motivations for doing your own home made Xmas presents, here are 10 real good ones that should entice even the most skeptical of readers.


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