Cash Management – How to Prepare Daily Cash Position Report – Part 2

In the event that your organization kept up 2 or 3 banks for installment preparing, we need to alter a smidgen of the procedure so we can control adequately all the ledgers’ and simultaneously figure out how to acquire additional pay via cautiously put overflow reserve in transient speculation. Lets accept that your organization has 3 financial balances and we name it as Bank A, Bank B and Bank C. We ought to pick one bank as your significant bank where you pool all your cash in that bank. We should expect that our significant bank will be Bank B. That implies all your significant assortments must be saved into this ledger. Your significant installment which contain large sum, for example, subcontractors and pay installment should likewise from this 정보이용료 현금화 pool account.

Any installment arranged which is little in sum however the pace of repeat is high, for example, utilities charges installment, insignificant cash repayment, staff guarantee and other installment ought to be set up by utilizing Bank A. We will saved the approaching looks into Bank A with pretty much similar measure of checks arranged so the record balance in Bank An is consistently in ideal equilibrium.

In the event that we have explicit installment design for the month, for instance we just compensation for our providers and workshop each 25th of the month, at that point we use Bank C for our check installment. Here we use ZBA strategy which means Zero Balance Accounts method where we will just exchange reserve from our cash pool account which is Bank B to Bank C just once per month. That implies there is no additional cash in Bank C, which implies we have pool all additional cash in Bank B for our transient venture purposes. I will clarify further the subject of momentary venture when we reach to that point soon.

All the recommended procedures above looks convoluted however the explanation for that is we figure out how to get ready day by day cash position all the more quicker and exact without investing your energy to sort out the chronic number for each classification on the off chance that we utilize one bank in particular. From our model above, you will see that bank An is for charges installment, staff claims and other installment. That implies you just need to distinguish 3 arrangement of sequential check numbers for the installment utilizing Bank A. Bank B just has 2 installments which is subcontractors and compensation while Bank C implied for providers and workshop installment. The second explanation of doing that is to keep away from inert equilibrium in Bank An and Bank C which don’t procure any revenue pay. All our pay has been pooled in Bank B where we can put transient venture position from tenor of overnight to multi week.

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