A Day in the Life of a Dog Groomer

A Day in the Life of a Dog Groomer

A dog groomer’s day is filled with the unknown which is one of the great things about being a groomer. You never know who or what will walk through the door next. The typical day starts at the break of dawn. My first clients arrive with their dogs and after they exchange a few sloppy goodbye kisses they leave their loved ones in my care and   pet grooming fort wayne

head off to work. My shop opens around 7am most mornings and by 7:30 I am already knee deep in dog hair. Of course coffee really helps in this industry.

You see all kinds of dogs and every breed imaginable even some that you did not think possible. I see more poodle mixes then anything else and it never ceases to amaze me the names of some of these “designer breeds”. In the last week alone I have seen Maltpoos, Cockapoos, Yorkipoos, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and one Schnoodle. It sometimes seems that people will mix anything with a Poodle and being a groomer you will see them all at some point.

I start by brushing out and bathing everyone and then it is on to the finishing grooms. While many clients are easy to deal with not all are as cooperative when being groomed.

You will always have your perfect angels. These dogs are the ones that any groomer would love to have as a client. These are the clients that you will do anything to keep.

Then you have your wiggle worms. They are still angels but they are usually puppies that have trouble sitting still for any length of time and are always ready to play for hours on end. The wiggle worms are always a bit of a work out but most eventually grow out of this puppy stage and become perfect angels.

Next you have your spinners. Spinners can be puppies but not always. Spinners have mastered the art of avoiding grooming by turning and spinning around on the grooming table at the worst possible moments. Of course many are the cutest things on four legs but when you are trying to trim their face or avoid nicking them with the very sharp instruments you have in your hand the cuteness quickly fades. Around this time I usually end up nicking myself with one of those instruments. Although, I am always glad it is me and not the dog that is bleeding.

A band aid or two later brings us to the next group of dogs. That would be the sneak attackers. These dogs seem like perfect angels at first and most of them really are at heart. You will be grooming away and everything is going great no problems then BAM! Ouch. The dog that was just a perfect angel on the table has just turned and bit you while you were in deep concentration on carefully trimming an area. Sometimes this is because the dog has an old injury or other unknown problem area. So you can not really be mad and they are still perfect angels for the most part. You learn to watch yourself when grooming around the area that can prompt the attack.

Now, sneak attackers have another group amongst them. This group that is always an angel on the table and never shows any sign of aggression while you are grooming them but the minute you put them in a kennel and then try to retrieve them from that same kennel the problems start. As soon as you open the kennel they run to the back and you get the look. The I am going to bite you look. There is one good way I deal with these dogs. I don’t put them in kennels! I usually groom these dogs straight though and then call the owners to pick them up. They can just hang with me till mom or dad get there.


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