Selling in a Crowded Market – Real Estate Selling Advice

Selling in a Crowded Market – Real Estate Selling Advice



It seems like every where you go, you seem to run into a house for sale, when the competition gets that bad, how can you possibly sell your home and can you get the money you want for it. Driving down my street, I noticed that there are at least four homes for sale    off market immobilien    and three of them have been up for sale for at least 60 days.

Suggestion number one: Have you ever thought about sharing an open house with your neighbors. If someone truly doesn’t want to buy your home, what would it hurt to send them over to your neighbors and vice versa. It might sound a little nutty but it’s possible and it just might work.

Suggestion number two: Make sure your house is easily accessible. If there are more then two homes for sale on your street, take advantage of it. Make sure your for sale sign is visible from the other house if possible, this could attract potential home buyers that might have missed your home on the MLS listings.

Suggestion number three: this is one of the most important parts of selling a home, make sure your home is clean and not cluttering at all times. All it takes is one potential home buyer to enter your home and immediately be turned off because your living room has some popcorn on the carpeting.

When the competition gets tough and there are more homes to sell than home buyers, make sure that you have a clean home, that is easily accessible and your for sale sign is visible from the street. You need to take advantage of any home selling ideas and don’t focus on one thing, don’t just listen to your real estate professional or father-in-law. There are plenty of great books out on the market today for selling real estate, pick one up and just by skimming through the book, there’s a good chance you will find something that could make the difference between selling your home sooner than later.


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