May 12

Steelers Destroy the Ravens on Monday Night Football

The stage was set. It was the 75th commemoration of the Steelers establishment and a significant number of the saints from the past were close by to watch. Close by were Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Jerome Bettis, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Green, Jack Ham, John Stallworth, Rocky Blier and more. Indeed, even Bill Cowher got back to Heinz Field to celebrate on a night when the detested Ravens came to town. The Steelers were 5-2 with the Ravens and Cleveland remaining 1-venture behind in the division.

The Steelers got the ball first and it Willie Parker’s initially run was for 1-yard. The Ravens protection has consistently been intense against the run and I figured it would have been a battle for Parker. Ben hit Ward for a decent 15 yard pass play that brought about a first down. The Ravens beginning corners were latent because of wounds so the passing game would have been the key. During the first arrangement it was coming down so hard that I thought the game was being played in Florida. The Ravens guard held and the Steelers were 3 and out. I was truly trusting that the Steelers would put the tone by driving down on their initial arrangement and scoring a score.

The Steelers punt the ball away and it sails into the endzone for a touchback. Steve McNair and the Ravens start from the 20 yard line. The Ravens attempt to build up a showing game to running W.McGahee and L.McClain on first and second downs for a sum of 4 yards. The Ravens can get a first down with a pass from Mcnair to Q.Sypniewski. The Ravens have a new arrangement of downs and on first down Mcnair tosses and inadequate pass to D.Mason. On second down W.McGahee is halted for a – 3 misfortune by T.Polamalu.

It’s currently third and 13 and something is going to happen that will establish the vibe for the remainder of the game. McNair takes the snap in the shotgun and the person who supplanted Joey Porter, James Harrison powers McNair to bumble the ball that is additionally recuperated by James Harrison. I need to concede that I am enormous fanatic of Joey Porter and I was anxious about the possibility that that losing him implied that the Steelers would lose a portion of the terribleness and durability that we have generally expected. A great many football fans were going to observe the coming out party for James Harrison who might threaten the Ravens offense the entire evening.

Focuses on turnovers are tremendous and the Steelers needed to score here. They had the ball on the Ravens 20 yard line and the downpour had died down. ยูฟ่าเบทแทงบอล By and by the Ravens D was strong and the Steelers were constrained into a third down circumstance. My estimate that the Steelers would endeavor a short leave to pick behind the 3 yards required for a first down. Ben took the snap under focus and dropped back to pass. The Ravens pass surge was coming and Ben tossed the ball to Heath Miller in the endzone for a score! Ben got hit after he tossed the pass and T.Suggs was called for roughing the passer. That is the thing that I am discussing. Going for scores and not field objectives in the red zone! Steelers 7 Ravens 0.

The Ravens get the ball and the Steelers Defense compels them to 3 and out. The Steelers get the ball back and I am completely anticipating that they should walk down the field and score once more. The Steelers are constrained into a third and 2 and Ben tosses a fragmented pass to Nate Washington. I figured the Steelers ought to enjoy taken benefit of the wet field and run Davenport up the gut on third down.

The Steelers punt the ball and their are counterbalancing punishments which implied a replay of fourth down. Sepulveda punts the ball to the risky Ed Reed who handle the ball at the Ravens 32 yard line. Ed Reed begins his return and runs into a mack truck as James Harrison. James Harrison essentially snatches Reed noticeable all around and body hammers him onto the turf and in the process the ball jumps out and is gathered up by the Steeler’s Timmons who returns the bobble to the Ravens 28. ESPN replayed the body hammer by Harrison a few times on TV and it was a wondrous thing. Now, James Harrison had 2 constrained fumbles,1 bobble recuperation, 1 sack, and public name acknowledgment. Harrison was playing like a confine monster that had been tasered and let free on the Ravens!

James Harrsion set the Steelers up pleasantly with his constrained mishandle and they needed to score a few focuses. 4 plays later Ben had the Steelers in first and 10 at the Ravens 18 with 2:30 left in the first quarter. Large Ben at that point hits Santonio Holmes for a 15 yard score pass to make it 14-0 game.

The current day Steelers were putting on a decent act for the Monday Night Football crowd and making Bradshaw and the remainder of the previous players glad on this notable evening. The first quarter closes with the Steelers winning 14-0.

The second quarter ends up being pretty much as energizing as the first with 3 Ben Roethlisberger score passes. The first was a 30 yard pass play to Nate Washington, the second was a 35 yarder to Santonio Holmes, and the third was a 7 yard pass play to Nate Washington. The Ravens had the option to get on the scoreboard with a 33 yard McGahee TD run. James Harrison proceeds with his one man destroying team when he blocks McNair on a pass proposed for Williams.

The first half finished with the Steelers winning 35-7. Enormous Ben turned out to be just the third Steeler major part in NFL history to have tossed 5 score in a game. Different players to have tossed 5 td passes in a solitary game were Terry Bradshaw and Mark Malone. Enormous Ben looked amazing during the primary half with exact passes and incredible scrambling away from the pass surge. The running match-up was not there and Ben got a move on and conveyed the offense on his arm. The guard was playing true to form with the exception of the Monster play of James Harrison.

The second half was not close to as energizing as the first however the Steelers were up by 28 and the Ravens couldn’t kick things off. The Steelers had the option to cushion their details in the third quarter with a 22 yard field objective by Jeff Reed. The third quarter additionally saw Big Ben get injured on a third and 7 play when he carried out and was hit in the wake of hitting Santonio Holmes for a 45 yard pass play. Ben was down for a couple of moments and he seemed to be in some agony when he strolled to the sideline. It was subsequently confirmed that he endured a hip pointer injury when he hit the turf hard. James Harrsion additionally cushioned his extraordinary details by enlisting another sack on McNair. The Ravens couldn’t place any focuses on the board in the third quarter.

Ben returned the fourth quarter however he didn’t see a lot of activity. Charlie Batch supplanted Ben and he was captured by Ed Reed. You can’t fault Batch in light of the fact that the helpless person has not seen any playing time in a very long time. The Raven ultimately supplant McNair with Boller who couldn’t move the ball by the same token. The Steelers win large by a score of 38-7!

James Harrison turns into the first player since 1982 to have 2 constrained mishandles, 1 bungle recuperation, 1 block attempt, 3.5 sacks, and 10 handles. James Harrison was a monster on this evening and lets trust around evening time was just an example of what’s to come. It was amazing seeing Bill Cowher and all the Steeler legends from the past celebrating a particularly incredible triumph on this 75th commemoration of our dearest Pittsburgh Steelers.

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